What would happensept 2011 stuff 033 if we all decided to only

buy "MADE IN AMERICA"   Hmmm… would

we be searching high and low for clothing….

we would need to be really diligent on this mission. I say this as I hear a very old china clock – MADE IN AMERICA MANY years ago..as it chimes the 1/2 hr and hr… and it made me think about how hard it is to find American made….

It would mean no more stuff from the Dollar Store… and few things from Walmart….and fewer choices in automobiles.. WE—the USA folks- would need to take some compromises I think. We would need to maybe cut our wages just a bit, so our employers would focus on us and not the folks willing to work for nothing, who make things that are intentionally made to break and be replaced.

sept 2011 stuff 026My goodness, I drive by places where the American Pride stood tall… and now it is vacant buildings, empty parking lots and foreclosure signs. How could we let this happen?

What if we could become a nation of independence to middle east oil..and what if we could get electronics back here? Oh I remember driving by GE and the parking lots were overcrowded, housing area built just for people who worked there, or Kodak, Xerox, Carrier, the list goes on and on.

When I buy groceries, I do try to stay with American made… and veggies not from Mexico, …clothes and shoes are hard to find..but I will try to do better…. If we wait for the government to help—sept 2011 stuff 038 we will be waiting a long time. We need to push for fair taxes… listen to the politicians… We need to write our congress men and women… we need to be heard. I am sure there are things that are next to impossible to find American made… but if we try… maybe by the time the next generation is adults-there will be a revived  American pride.

Do you remember ever having a relative say…. I may have made that..or I may have been the one who packaged that…. I do… My brother worked at Ford, another worked at Chrysler…. my previous and current husband worked at Kodak…. I worked at a photo lab where other countries mailed their film to us to process!!…. I knew people who worked for Martin Marietta, for GE, for Sylvania,  ….. and there was such a neat feeling to know people who might have been a part of the creation.

Now, for made in America—we have to have a garden!. Oh it is not quite that bad really… but let’s just try to be more conscientious… support local… go to a farmer’s market… buy from the Mennonites or Amish… take advantage of craft fairs….If we work together, and inspire others to work on this… it could be contagious.

I hope you have a great night…. Love to all… Mrs Justa..alias Cindy…(I was made in America !)