Tomorrow- what will tomorrow bring?

Will that dang lake effect band drift down to us? I hope not. !-2 feet more is coming in and ..well I am tired of the snow. I am sure everyone in this neck of the woods is. But tonight I decided to think of positives to the snow.

So here is Susie Sunshine….image

You do not have to fertilize it.

You do not need to mow it.

It covers up yard blemishes.

You do not have to worry about bugs.

You do not have to weed it.

It covers up the ditches.

It is pretty.

It is FUN to sled.

It is a great work out to cross country ski.

People do not look at you strange when you have long pants on.

It brings families together..( it is too darn cold to be romping around in the yard.)

It only lasts for 4 – 5 months.

You can build snow forts and snowmen.

You can lay in it and make snow angels.

Snowball fights are a riot.

Snow sculptures are neat.

As long as it is not yellow snow—you can put some in a glass and add peppermint schnapps  ( not me—I do not drink, but I have know people who swear by it) or snow cone mix.


It means Spring is the next season !.

Stay safe, Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy