100_4705 Mark is feeling chills today, stuffy , achy and just kinda blah. He has the symptoms of the flu. I am in another room. I played that flu game for oh many weeks. That is why I chose this photo, gives me the chills just looking at it.

This was thick frost on our storm window on the storm door that we open a bunch of times a day to hook up Indi and let him out.

I feel great today. No aches, no pains…. it is a New Year, Many new hopes for the future.I am about to empty the files of all of the 2009 receipts and get ready to pay bills for the first time in 2010.

Gonna do the last few entries in Quicken for the old year, print up some reports and await the dreaded tax time at the end of this month.

Life ….we do stuff, because we have to. We have to pay taxes… ( unless of course you want to be on some special panel for Pres Oh-BlahBlah. Than you are free of taxes. LOL So I always like to get things ready.

Today we have sunshine, and we had quite a bit of snow. 100_4682 I went out early this morning and shoveled the mail box, the dog area so he doesn’t freeze his little paws, ( it was really sad a couple weeks ago it was bitterly cold out. I had let the little guy out to do his business and he chose to go to the very end of his chains length. He was out there and all of the sudden realized his feet were freezing. So he whimpered, doing the belly crawl to the house… So since then I try to  at least get the snow down some for him. Heck he has green grass out there today in spots where I shoveled. HE would freeze to death if he ever got loose.)

and I have gotten groceries and done the Wally world run…, have taco salad topping in the crock pot, groceries away, have my roof rake ready incase we get hammered this weekend with snow… Wish Mark gets to feeling better quicker than I did !

Call me crazy but I love shoveling snow… I love cleaning the house and mowing the yard. I love doing laundry… Yep, I am a weird one… but I am who I am…

I hope you find fun stuff this weekend to do.

I will drop in tomorrow. Until than have a great first day of the NEW YEAR! Love to all, Mrs Justa