Here we go again. Hang onto your snow shovels, hats, and nerves. We are in for the next umpteen feet of snow. Got over 4 feet last week from Sun night thru Thursday morning….

Ugg… I hope this is not a precursor  of the next 3 months. Today in the city of Syracuse it was on and off flurries- no real big deal. Cold though, man the wind blows in your face and it makes your eyes tear and than the tears freeze to your face and your eyelashes stick together.. .

There was A LOT of snow up here. There was one point this afternoon around 2:30 Mark called me to tell me it was REALLY bad- I popped in the weather link at work and I laughed out loud. Literally the only “yellow” area on the radar was directly over our house. Oh there was snow around the area. But the heavy cloud- smack dab over our area. And it was this tiny yellow dot. Mark drove me in because he had a feeling it was going to be bad- he was right !

Needless to say- tonight was a no gym night- which was okay by me- I had baking to do for the cookie exchange, and we might head out and see if we can open up the dog area and the sidewalk before we go to bed- or early in the morning. When it is like this – it becomes a game of challenge- if I move the snow… I come back in and Mother Nature fills up where I just cleared. Than I go back out, I figure the more I move – the less I have to move later……—eventually I win. HA!!

At least the snow is fluffy- so you throw it without feeling like it is going to take you with the shovel as you try to empty it. I love to shovel snow- most of the time. The only time I do not is when I get weary  ( snow shoveling is a science you know- a craft of sorts ) and when I get tired  I tend to loose focus on the whole art of shoveling and I mess up. See I get a snow shovel really full of snow, and I do my Heave Ho action- only to have Mother Nature blow on the snow as it is flying through the air right back at me and it ends up right back in my face. Now if there is someone shoveling right next to me—they definitely can relate to this – cause they get caught in the blast with me.

I do not know if that has happened to you, but let me try to describe the feelings. The dig and the heave ho- they are a feeling of “AHHH one less shovel full to go” That is a VERY SHORT lived feeling- because in a second later the brain has not yet totally processed the feeling of frozen precipitation on your face…I think the first brain message is “ AHHHH white stuff” and that is followed by “ crap that is cold” . Now when one is bundled for winter snow clearing- ones gloves, scarves and coats are usually already snow covered- so there is NOTHING to wipe off ones face. What happens is the snow dissipates all over your face, on your eyelashes, up your nose and down your neck, so much cold snow that if you inhale through your nose—your nostrils actually stick together… I gotta admit that times like that are one of the least favorite parts of shoveling I endure. When it happens I kinda wish I was 50 years younger- than I could just run in the house crying and my mom would give me hot chocolate… but alas— No MOM… No hot chocolate- and I must go on… so I find some inner strength and trudge on as I remind myself that  it is ONE DAY CLOSER TO SPRING!!!

Love to all, stay warm… Mrs Justa alias Cindy