I choose these photos because they only begin to show the incredible glittering of this post ice storm day. The sun was golden as it started to set for the winter day, and as it shown through the trees they sparkled like diamonds. 100_0872 - Copy - CopyIt had been a miserable storm the day before, in the peek of the miserable part branches were breaking off, knocking down electric lines, and branches were also falling on our roof. It was frightening. So as the storm had left and the following day was about to end, the horror of the loss was erased with the glistening of the sun. It brought a feeling of calmness after 36 hours of unsettling.  100_0882

I think back to last winter, when we were at a different place, a different home, and I am thankful that this year, in the recent ice storm, we did not have the trees to worry about. Just keeping our footing, and scraping the cars off.

Life is funny, we tend to look at the same situations so differently . I was less afraid in the ice storm this year, yet the driving was still hazardous. Yet missing were the trees that brought comfort in the summer breeze, brought terror in that ice storm.

We go through times in life, where we are still the same person, but situations may cause us to react differently. When I was younger, ( it seems like so long ago) ((because it is !!!)) there were things that frightened me, that I just accept now. Like driving in winter. That is a good example. At one point in my life, I just did it, then at another point in my life, when I did not HAVE to drive, I was not working, was a stay at home wife, whenever my husband drove, if there was even on snow flake I would cringe, my stomach would be in knots, my knees would actually shake in fear, and I would want to climb under the dash.

After that marriage broke up and I had to work, had to drive, had a son to cherish and take care of, well winter became a partner instead of an enemy. Why does that happen. We let situations control our actions. If the situation allows us to become weak, that is what we can do easily.Last year,the ice storm made me feel weak, powerless, but the next day, the setting sun, made me see the beauty that could only be present , because of the ice storm. Yes, life is full of surprises, I need to remind myself to look for the good, and not be eaten up by the bad. Love always, Cindy