riley 003

Riley has a middle name of Regan..kind of has a ring to it, doesn’t it?  We saw a license plate with Regan on it..and poof—she now has a middle name.

This is day 3 of Riley and us—and well it is going okay. The first day she was super logy—but she had just had major surgery less than 24 hrs prior. Her stools were like a garden hose was spraying out of her butt..but as the days have passed..that problem has disappeared. Even when she had explosive diarrhea she did not have any accidents in the house.

She has this kinda cute whimper that she occasionally does if she feels she was left behind. It was funny this morning. We had a guy coming over at 9 to seal the driveway. Mark had gone out to talk to the guy, and Riley thought she was alone. She did this whisper whimper.. kinda like she was singing the blues..I came out of the bedroom and said” Riley..what is wrong?” Immediately she stopped and came over. I think she was embarrassed Smile

She has not given us a definite signal when she wants to go out.. one time she came to the recliner Mark was in and stared at him. I was in the kitchen doing stuff and she came in and shook her head so her license and ID tag jingled. Once she came into the kitchen and did a couple whimpers.

She is funny—If I take her for a walk—she needs to sleep for a few hrs.… if she gets up and walks around—she has to sleep for a few hrs. She reminds me of when I had surgery—for weeks I would get up and do something and need to sleep for 3 hrs.. that went on for weeks….

The crate…Riley andRiley comes home 6-29-2012 032 crate do not belong in the same county—she slept in it..but not until she whimpered and did a beagle howl… we are wondering if she spent a lot of time in a crate in her past life? The second night she whimpered and got sick… so the crate is on the not so good idea list right now.

She does not seem to be a darter when the front door is opened… Mark and I are really careful that she does not get out. I want to understand her past… but maybe I don’t. It is kinda sad—when you call her she puts her head down ( like EEORE from Winnie the POOH) and she does a belly crawl-as if to show she is afraid to come close.  Than when she gets to you, her shoulders are hunched..her head low… and she pushes against your leg… we are working to tell her she is a good girl. I wonder if they yelled at her a lot? We are looking forward to her meeting the family…and I am very thankful we ended up with her at home and not camping this weekend—we all needed time to relate… I am going to be off line for a few days… but hang in there.. I will be back on Sunday!!!. Love to all…. (and be patient…there will be more new “baby” pictures for a bit )mrs Justa alias Cindy