Whoa, we had a great weekend. But I gotta admit I started it out definitely in the spirit of the Olympics. LMAO.

Ok.. I am not the most svelte person on earth.. Actually I am probably the furthest from it. Saturday morning EARLY we needed to walk Riley. So I got my shower at about 6:15 and had Riley hooked up and ready for the early morning, dew on the grass walk..the one where I tell her a zillion times to go potty.. ( like she is going to go on command) ..as we were heading to Cracker Barrel for our traditional Saturday morning breakfast with our friends.

Well… I stepped down off our front steps..looking at the leash and totally ignoring the new asphalt sidewalk.and the ground next to it that was dug out and now created a “V” shape… and I stepped in the V and somehow became an Olympic Gymnast wanna be in a split second.

Oh yeah…. kinda like the feeling when you are doing gym class and having to do those run and leap stunts on the mat…but I had no mat… I am not fit and trim…and I have not been in a gym class like that for 43 years ….. One second I am walking..the next I am flying in the air.. Somehow Riley comes home 6-29-2012 009I was able to float a bit… twist to the left ( as to avoid the asphalt) ….landing on my left side..dew splashing up in the air.. leash TIGHT in hand…as I hit the grass I did a roll to the left…ending up on my back..staring at what would have been the early morning sky..had it not been for Riley licking my face and staring at me…

I remember that first moment of realizing I was lying in the grass… it was one of those moments when ya slowly move this and that making sure everything is still attached to where it needed to be…. once that is assured..than wondering who the heck just saw this very athletic maneuver…and than having the realization that I had to get up off the ground… I did get up..brushed myself off..walked the dog..she did both—– I think I scared the poop out of her…

I felt lucky… UNTIL SUNDAY MORNING>>>>when I came to realize the 24 hrs after an accident pain… Oh yeah…. the mid Right back area…on the right…oooo hurts to twist…. hurts to bend… dang hurts to lift my leg too high… GRRRRR> So I told the boys they had to help me… for Preston if a diaper needed changing it was being done on the higher bed in the house…. no lifting the boys… but I could sit with them .

Today..at work the pain was around an 8..in the kidney area..so I went to the docs. Wanted to make sure it was not a coincidence and the pain was not from my Olympic moves..but kidney related… So I was sent in to leave a urine sample… Now 2 hrs prior to this appnt—I had taken B6 and Magnesium..so I pee in the sterile cup..put the cap on it..set it on the table in the bathroom..and realize my pee is dayglow lime green yellow !!!! All the other folks urine was darkish yellow..not mine—it looked like it was some sort of glow in the dark liquid.. CAN YOU SAY EMBARRASSED !!!!. No one said anything to me… but I was chuckling to myself at the difference between mine and the other 3 …. bet they wear protective gear when they culture mine..like it is a nuclear substance or something.

So heat, try some stuff at the gym tomorrow, Motrin, and time…. THANK GOD my kidneys are looking okay!.

I am off to take a hot shower and put some of that romantic smelling Ben Gay LMAO…. on my soft tissue area that hurts… and head off to bed….

Tomorrow is going to be here before I know it…… I need to get in there early… Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy