100_4593 Whoa, okay, I am not a teenager, and I guess my body is telling me that right now. Whoa, it sucks feeling sore. I feel like Courtney did in this photo….

Hmmm, is it the 100 crunches , the jogging in place and standing crunches and the 4 machines I did for my abdomen and upper body…  I did after being on a rest since 8/25/2010, or maybe it is the stationary bike I was sure I was going to ride around the track at the gym, I was trying to pedal so far and fast, or maybe it was the elliptical – where every other minute I was doing 146 strides a minute- I am not sure which it was..but I think last night on the way home, I just worked really hard… an hr and a half…. and my body is telling me that today. See yesterday morning my doc told me I could start lifting again and could be a little tougher on myself , I had been in the healing stage since having my eye surgery on the 25th of August. Up till yesterday, I was allowed to bike, tread mill or elliptical- but no pushing it hard.

Today started early , up by 6:15 , off to breakfast with Mark- to meet up with Shawn and Pat at a different place- about 25 miles from here, it was okay… but it is not a place I am dying to get back to. Than we went off  got a few groceries,  came home, got all the laundry done, towels and sheets changed, went out to the shed and emptied it, and rearranged it for winter, I picked up my lawn ornaments, the wind chimes and my wind mill that is living a 9th life…tended to the garden and push mowed the ditches, around the live of cedar bushes and the neighbors ditch, came in cooked dinner… and I gotta tell you, I am exhausted and sore.

Tomorrow is a special day… it is MARKs birthday… the ol fart is 57 . He wants nothing special done, ( it is however a special 100_4857day… for he was born on it !!) but we did come to a determination  what he would like for dinner, crock pot thick chuck steak, simmering all day, so it will just melt in our mouths, potato wedges baked with mild seasoning and acorn squash..plus he wants a chocolate cake, so I will bake it tomorrow so it is as fresh as it can get. We will have the blessings of Jeff, Amanda, Brandon and Preston over for dinner, and we are taking out a hamb patty and hot dog , in case Brandon would prefer that. So I’m  kinda embarrassed to say I am hitting the shower and going to bed… pathetic!!! and 9:PM..

Have a great evening, Love to all, Mrs Justa. alias Cindy