Okay ..maybe it is me… but the Royal Wedding became a mixed bag of serious and not so serious.images[10] Did you get a load of the hats woman were wearing?

At first I was wondering if it was because The new bride was really nervous- so if people have ridiculous hats on, maybe she would relax a little.

The hats were totally strange. ( photos off google images..)

I would have refused to go if someone had told me I had to wear some of these hats!

And all the hoopla!!. This was built up on all the news stations since Monday!.

I walked into the main café this morning at 7AM to find 4 woman just standing there, staring at the TV as the wedding went on. Each talking about the people like they personally knew them.

Later on one of the woman I work with came in talking about her neighbors all gathered at one woman’s home , in their PJs at 5:30AM , so they could watch the whole thing.

As I peeked every once in a while I was remembering how nervous I was with 30-40 people at our wedding. Can you imagine having to walk down an aisle the length of 2 football fields. There was a quote from William stating that they did not want to turn this into a gathering of the heads of state—no they invited those closest to them, a down to earth wedding.

Well I am glad I do not have that many people to send Christmas cards to, and can you imagine the cost of the reception.

I hope they are happy, I hope they really love each other.. cause today they looked like they were in pain. No goo-goo eyes, lovey dovey stuff… more like they could not wait for it to end. She was beautiful, he handsome… but I just did not see the magic…

It is over.. now maybe we can focus on the poor people in Alabama, and Georgia.. those families who lost everything…… Heck at least we do not have to wait for the President to return from England.. HE was not one of William and Kate’s closest friends. So rest assured..he is here..in the USA ..and he will go see these people who have lost so much… and than we will get blessed with yet another speech.

Ah.. happy weekend…. prayers to the folks suffering form this crazy weather…. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy