Meet my new night time buddy. I have made a strong commitment to this buddy of mine, to pay attention to him for at least 20 minutes a night to start out with. We have him in the living room, so as I watch the talking heads, or King of Queens re-runs, I can go for a journey, a mission.

Hey in the past week I have successfully lost 10 pounds. 100_0916_editedNot quite ready for the marathon of exercise from the Biggest Loser training camp, but hey it is something.

Weight is all relative, really, it it relatively consuming to those with extra and those with too little.

At work we do a lot of reviews for eating disorders, and addictions. People are never seen for eating disorders on the excess though. They are seen if they feel they weigh too much and are a whomping 100 pounds, but the only time we see for excessive counseling, is when they are being worked up for gastric bypass surgery, we need to give more attention to the folks before they are at a level of feeling that cutting into them to decrease their stomach size is the only alternative.

Intake and weight is a lifestyle, it is a way to live. I worked with a woman years ago who had gastric bypass surgery, and she lost all her hair, permanently, she has excessive skin everywhere, and had to tuck her folds of skin into her underwear. Gastric bypass surgery is a great way for people to lose 50-100 pounds in a year, but at that rate, without proper exercise and nutrition, the body can not lose it in a balanced way.

My goal is 2-3 pounds a week, and exercise to balance the weight loss. Some people advise soy products to increase skin elasticity, and at LA weight loss, the soy was in their nutrition bar, that they recommended having between meals, so I will try to follow with that also.

Wish me luck, it is a long journey. I am not going to gloat or pout every day on my successes or lack of success, but I will every once in a while give an update. Anyone out there who is trying to take better care of themselves, I am rooting for you!. Love always, mrs Justa