To me, there is nothing as heartwarming than the laughter of a child. I find it to be so real, so genuine, so innocent and precious. Sometimes they laugh at things that would have gone right past me without a second thought.

I feel the older we get, the less we stop to look at the things that are really funny. We were with the grandkids last night for a few hours, and I felt so refreshed when I left there because of the ability to stop and see what moments created times of giggling and laughing.

I was trying to take a picture with my phone, and it was kind of dark in the room. So the phone does this pre-flash- brighten up the place and then flash.

Well, it created rather surprising moments because we are sitting there, and all of the sudden it is like we were getting integrated20181129_185302 with bright lights zoomed right on us.

A perfect time to start the giggles, as Briella chose to jump into the spotlight before it flashed.

I think we all need to take time to laugh. There is enough humorous things around if we take the time to be aware of them.

Oh, I have some “embarrassing”  moments  I will share as days go by, but for now–I am soaking in the laughter from last night. Until later, Mrs Justa alias Cindy