I have read and seen movies reflecting back on the days of long ago. Days before people had the numerous opportunities that are available now to earn money. For many, that remains true to them today.

The thought becomes more real as life challenges face each of us. I see people on street corners holding signs asking for help, I see lines at food kitchens, all the agencies that help to feed people without.

It is hard for me to know how I would handle life if I had nothing left. I think there is an inner strength people get, a deep-rooted

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, incredible strength. Look at your past or someone you know of, and when the rug got pulled out from under their feet, when the darkness filled the skies around them, did they find an inner strength.


Back in the days of my 19th year, I stood with a friend and held a cardboard sign with her, a time when her life was totally changed and she had nothing. I remember at those moments not feeling anything but strength and determination to help her get financial help for her personal needs. We felt gratitude to those who helped us out. Our goal was not to make this a new normal for her, but to get her some hope when hope was looking the other way.

I remember myself at times when we were growing up and we found strength in how we could make things the best they could be, in times when we had little. My mom never ever made us feel poor, she found ways instead to have us see what we had, not what we didn’t.

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That first Christmas –  6 weeks after my dad passed away, mom came over to the table with a box of aluminum foil and gave us some pieces for us to make gifts for one another. We made each other ornaments, in shapes sometimes unidentifiable. But the pride of doing that was so much more then the sadness had she just said there was no money.

I am reminded of this as I see commercials after commercials with talking Amazon Boxes and Black Friday deals, and tonight I was thinking how much more effort was made with our pieces of silver, then the efforts made by buying something, just because you can.

May you find those special personal moments, create special memories in this hustle, the bustle of the holiday season. As you grab our keys, remember to grab change for the Red Kettles.

Until later, Mrs Justa alias Cindy