What did you miss today?IMG_0684 - Copy                                                              What tiny little something went totally unobserved?

This past early summer, I was walking around the deck, getting ready to mow. I try to always take a moment to see things, things that in a hurry I would easily have missed. Like this egg, there was a rather full nest under our deck that I found, as I looked up after seeing this egg on the ground. The grass was holding the egg ever so protectively, as it lay there 4 feet from where it should have been.

Now I know human hands should not touch anything in the nest, the birds might reject it, so I went in and got two very long spoons, and carefully took the egg from the grass blades and placed it back in the nest with the others that were there.

I snuck away, and days later that egg was still there, joined back with its brothers and sisters to be.

I always wonder what I have not seen, what I missed because of being focused on a task at hand or thinking about what I have to do next, and not stopping to experience the moment now.

It is so darn easy to put myself in full throttle for the next moment and forgetting the value of the moment I am at.

IMG_0678 - Copy

Each moment is like the drops of water traveling down the needle of the pine tree, slowly moving forward. And in those drops of water, if you stop and look at them, you can see the world around you. It always brings me back to realizing how precious and filled with wonder the world is, if I just slow down, take a walk, and have my camera to capture the moments as they come to be. img_3511-copy.jpg                                           I hope as this weekend starts, even in the chaotic times life seems to throw at us, take a second, a minute, maybe even 5 or 10, and look down, or in front or up. It costs nothing, yet the benefits can be ever so rewarding.

Enjoy, until later, Mrs. Justa signing out.