June-2013-029_thumb.jpgWhat a year. Let,s see.. I became aware of the fact that we are as old as we feel. If we want to let age drag us down, than we can.

I have been given an opportunity to study for my certification as a case manger, and to manage a case management team. This is an exciting opportunity, as I am always interested in learning more skills, and because I think case management can be a real beneficial part of health care for the patient and the doctors. So 2014 will definitely be a challenging but rewarding time.

Our 5 grandchildren are all doing well , they have their different personalities, and grow up too fast. We are now awaiting our 6th grandchild. She or he is due to come into the world in July this year, and 2 of our nieces are expecting this year too. Life is so strange , as we come into it and leave it alone, but during our stay – we can fill it with many or few people  AS I reflect on life in the rear view mirror, I see so many happy times, and closest to me in the mirror have been some unique challenges. But all in all, it has been okay. I think about things we learn in life, things we take for granted. I look at the health care issues, people worried about having insurance that will pay for their bills, ……………I look at the stock market and wonder what it will do…it seems to me that it does not represent the real way the country is..my goodness we are in such debt as a country…. so what is real?…what is fake??? I wonder about the future…I wish I knew the answers…. I wish I had more time with our grand kids,,,, I find pride in seeing how successful adults our kids are… I hope I am always able to be the best I can be… I hope Alzheimer’s does not come to meet me or Mark in the years down the road… … I hope that our choices are right choices..I hope there is time to achieve all that is on my bucket list….. and wonder if life will bless me with many more years? The things that 2014 will bring to us… I wonder…..Hopefully more time to throw a post out, time to take care of things , to pave the pathway to bright futures. Happy New Year everyone…. Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy