We had the boys over last weekend and I got out my Kindle Fire HD and looked for kid apps. Well there are puzzle apps. I could not believe it.

I still prefer the real thing, but for the 2 of them this worked great. They were able to move the pieces and not worry about bending a tab.

It was kinda neat to see them work together on this  project.003

They are truly brothers..they stick up for each other, they watch out for each other and they can get annoyed with each other. But at the end of the day…every day with them is special.

We are currently getting HAMMERED with the ol lake affect snow. Depending on who we want to listen to , we are looking at anywhere from 2 inches ( not so bad…) to over 10 inches—with some pretty strong winds.

I was 1/2 tempted to go into work early today and get a hotel room in the city..but it is so expensive to do that. I think tomorrow will be the slow ride in, and hopefully by evening it will be done.

Lake effect is tough, really unpredictable… and welll we are in a pathway quite frequently.

Tomorrow however it looks like this is going to be more spread out… which will maybe lessen the strength of the band.

Sorry I have not been on a lot… between work, and now a Kindle, and words with friends. and life… well I seem to stop less. But I will try to get better…. Love to all.. be safe out there. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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