Finally I get to post on last weekends Christmas Craft project. We had the boys on Friday night last week and I had thought they are old enough to make Christmas gifts for their parents. So Saturday morning, after breakfast the kitchen became the craft land. Foam picture frames, and foam designs to stick on them. The kids could choose the colors and what ever they wanted to stick on their frames.

Than I let them look through a bunch of100_0611 photos and they both chose photos that were similar. We taped the photos to the frames..and cleaned up for

project number 2.

100_0616Making light catchers. Fortunately the store had similar ones so they each had the same thing to do. We had such fun…but I knew I could not post the fun till today…

Christmas…when the packages got picked up to open we had each parent have one of the gifts… This became exciting..hands everywhere, pointing and rustling the packages. The boys were so proud. 100_0667I wanted this shot of all the hands….

Than I zoomed back to get the faces… I think Jeff’s face says it all…unfortunately I was not able to get Amanda’s smile too…but I think the boys gifts were a surprise…





I remember when Jeff was little he loved making Christmas gifts for people. Suncatchers, potpourri , model cars, drawings… it was fun to watch the different gifts be created. I am thankful we had the boys at the right time to be able to do this.

Christmas was quiet this year… Mark and I got up around 8, we did not exchange gifts this year… we really did not have anything either of us wanted from the other. We had gone shopping together, but walked out with no needs, so it was quiet. Yesterday was a day at the emergency vets with Riley..she has Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis (HGE). Kinda scary. She was fine on Sunday night, but Monday morning she would not eat, seemed like she could not get comfortable. Mark and I noticed something was wrong, but we could not figure out what….and fortunately I was watching her outside when she tried to move her bowels, and it first looked like a garden hose of bloody water, than it was really mucous filled… ..So off to the emergency vet… they did some tests, gave her fluids, antibiotics and an anti nausea med and we got to bring her home. She is on a bland diet after 24 hrs of clear liquid. Boiled chicken, chicken broth and potatoes. We will try to wean in regular food in the next day or so… we are still waiting for her to have another bowel movement to be sure she is not still bleeding. I guess that dogs die very quickly form this if it is not treated… had I not seen her water show yesterday..who knows what would have happened. I read a lot on line when we got home and quite a few people have had their dogs die from this within 24 hrs… yikes.!!

We are cautiously optimistic that she is getting better… I hope so.

I hope you are safe wherever you are… enjoy the next few days…looks like huge snow storm up here tomorrow night and Thursday… grrrrr. One day closer to spring…

Love to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy… Merry Christmas everyone…