The holidays are upon us and last year we changed the placement of our plastic lit figurines from outside to inside.

With the new fangled outdoor inflatable 8-10 foot decorations—these guys became kind of pathetic looking outside. So last year they found a new home under our raised counter.

This year they are back there again. The boys were here last Thurs and Fri and as soon as they saw the plastic figurines—they immediately knew it was the place for a photo.

kids and snow 003

Kinda neat to see the difference a year can make !

I figure next year Brandon will have to duck under that counter!.

It brings back the memories of Christmas long ago. When these figurines were cool… all that and more !. Jeff was young—9 yrs old- when we bought them . We had tent stakes, bungee cords and spent a lot of time picking them up from the wind !.

I think they are as special to these 2 inside, as they were to us outside—so very long ago.

Rileys bent crate and having the boys over 11-17-12 009This year has been a kind of emotional roller coaster yr… Riley is having a little trouble with anxiety.separation anxiety…. we tried medication for her, but her smile left and she looked doped up…slpet all day and all night… when I tried to walk her she would just lay in the grass…..  we called the vet, she suggested a trainer in Pulaski… I called him and he said to stop the meds ( under the guidance of the vet as far as weaning them off) …so the next step was now to  try a trainer… As I write this..the house is humming with the sound of the furnace..a TV is quietly buzzing in the background and Riley is about 40 miles away in doggie boot camp!. We brought her up there Saturday. She stays there for 2 weeks. She will learn the basics for obedience and the trainer is going to work with her on crate training—so she likes the crate. She has not so far liked the crate. That is actually putting it mildly. So I am hoping that the certified canine trainer can work with her. HE believes her anxiety can be worked on….

on Thursday I really  wanted to decorate for Christmas..I love this holiday….being Riley has not been around for a Christmas..we really did not know what to expect—so  we opted to put up the smaller table tree. It was weird..the furniture had to be moved to make the windows available for the tree. Riley was really out of sorts that I was rearranging everything. The dog trainer thinks it is because she believes she is the alpha dog and she owns us….

She really is a good dog..but I bet we will find out how much better she can be after she is in boot camp for 2 weeks.

I hope you are all safe…. enjoy the season… appreciate each day… Love to all. Mrs. Justa alais Cindy