tri[ to ohio 3-12-2012 051

I have had to let a couple of days fill in the thoughts and try to make sense of the end result of the election.

I am not going to spend the next 4 yrs dwelling on it, but I was so passionate of what I truly believe the country needed and I am in total shock so many people did not vote. Is it pure empathy? Is it pure obliviousness? Is it that 4 million people felt it was going to be a land slide , so everyone else would vote on their behalf.

For those who stayed out of the polling places….if you are conservative..or leaning more towards the right than left—I say thanks a lot… for your lack of voting—you really gave a vote to the President.

How are people so blind? What caused women to vote for him? I just do not understand. SO my once thinking that vision for the future was clearing up, that we finally made it through 4 yrs of a president tri[ to ohio 3-12-2012 013who has lied to the American People, who hid things to satisfy his popularity, who has the majority of the media supporting him…who does not show true love of this country ….somehow  people got sucked in….. So I am afraid for our kids… our nieces, nephews and more our grandchildren. What will the USA be like for them?Fortunately for me… my number of years to vote is far less going forward than the times I voted in the past.

SO going forward….Poor Riley has a pretty severe case of separation anxiety. Mark teases me because I embellish her past, when we do not know what she experienced before the shelter for sure. We just took her to the vet, they did blood work, everyone camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 009who meets her loves her..But when she knows we are leaving, we have to put her in her crate. We have this humungous one—as she totally freaked from the smaller enclosed one..and when we get home..her bed is wet from drooling—as she pants a good part of the time we are gone. She literally bends the bars on the crate trying to escape.

We consulted a trainer who is going to work with us in conjunction with the vet… it would be nice to get her to a point where we could leave her in the house…without the crate. But right now… NOT SO MUCH>.She goes nuts, jumping up, pulling things off the dresser/ counters… the vet says she is freaking  out because she does not think we will return. She was abandoned, found as a stray and brought into the SPCA….knowing her..that must have been so scary for her. SHE LOVES to please you, and be right by your side. If I walk her by traffic she gets nervous… if she thinks we are leaving she trembles…So pray for the vet and trainer to be able to get her more secure on the leaving part…. I hope you are all okay… will be back again soon… Love to all.. Mrs Justa..alias Cindy