work and home oct 2012 176Mid way through a 4 day weekend for me, and I am feeling blessed we were able to have Brandon and Preston for a couple of nights. Jeff came and picked them up around lunch time. We had lunch and he took off for home with 2 boys who we were pretty sure would take a nap today!

They are such fun to be around. Anything I went to do, Brandon was right there asking to help. As I would tell Brandon he could help, Preston was coming to see what he could do too. They helped load the washer and dryer, they helped put the detergent and fab softener in, they helped with dishes, helped with cooking,helped fold clothes, helped with reading, helped bake cookies, … we had a race in the side yard, we walked the dog, we did a bunch of puzzles, read books, played cars, read more books…. oh and had freeze pops… Yeah it was fun !.

It was a busy 2 days, but days in life that brings memories, smiles and makes one appreciate what special times we can have with children.

work and home oct 2012 177

I love the magic of life in a child’s eyes. I love watching them try to figure out things. I loves watching them interact with one another and with their adults in their life.

Tom and Sher came over last evening and spent some time with us and the boys. it was fun to see them interact with Tom and with Sher.

The boys had new adults to try to figure out. We had pizza and wings and lots of smiles and laughs. Bubble baths, games to play, chatting and just being. It was a fun evening.

Yesterday was supposed to be pumpkin patch day with the preschool Class. But it was canceled because it was really cold, wet and would have been miserable. So I got to take Brandon to pre-K. It was so cute to see each kids line up to go to their class, each one looking at the adult who brought them there,,,and than all of the sudden this line of 18 4 yr olds blow kisses to their families. They all go in one by one into a class room. It was precious.

I was lucky to have been able to take the time off to spend with them …. it was a good 2 day.

Now off to shrink the table down to it’s smallest size… and maybe read my book a bit…

Yes life is special… Love to all, Mrs. Justa alias Cindy