9-2012 022

When the chips are down..are you are victim or a fighter?

I am sure you all have been exposed to people so focused on the bad that they forget to shine through it and show off the good.

I am reminded of this almost daily and the remnants of the garden made me think of it again.

Amidst the dying plants, the dirt tossed around from the corn stalks that have all been  pulled, 1/2 the tomatoe plants pulled, the lettuce is a thought in the past, and radishes long gone. Some pretty tall sunflower plants have come and gone, and amidst the signs of fall stands a couple of late sunflowers. They came at the end of the season. Not sure why… but all of the sudden there they are. They did not give up and say it is too late in the season—and chose to just sulk in the soil..nope…. they searched for any rays of sunlight they could find, they drank any droplets of rain, they pushed thru the dirt and the rocks, and when their relatives were already through their cycle..up comes these 2 guys/gals. 9-2012 021

Life fills us with challenges, with dares, with kicks in the knees..and it is hard to sometimes not let it knock you down.

But the remains of the garden are a sign of trying their best to get through the cooler nights, the less sun and just fight to the end.

9-2012 022

There are bits of this all over the garden. In the back right corner are 3 egg  plants— there are about 12 blossoms..who knows if they will succeed in beating the season..but they are trying.

In the upper left –those are peppers.. we just had some peppers in the home made spaghetti sauce that were from the garden yesterday!. And in the center towards the right—that is a pumpkin plant…. hopefully able to produce some pumpkins for next months holiday… I BELIEVE it will…


So this lesson this year is coming from the remainder of a garden that is mostly over… but it IS NOT over until the snow blankets it and another season totally comes to an end.

Believe in yourself… look for the good in life and keep the negative quelled. Be thankful for what you have and appreciate the gifts life can give.

Believe like this sunflower seed believed… Peace to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy