Facts of life… We are born, we learn all kinds of lessons along the way, we grow up, and we have bills, we deal with challenges and hopefully we learn to handle them as they come along.

Katjas baby, bills 014I went and saw a woman today who just had her first child. We have known each other for quite a few years. We have worked together in 2 different places.

She is a friend, she is someone I have been able to share some great and not so great times with. She is a special woman, very giving, very caring. I feel lucky to know her.

Tonight I saw it,  she had that glow.. you know the one I mean.. as she looked at that tiny baby and said “Wow that is my baby, that is my baby boy, I can hardly believe it..” It was cool. To see the excitement of being a mom. It was neat to see how unafraid she was of handling him. It was refreshing to share a few moments with her, her son, her brother, sister-in-law, niece and step mom. To hold him was neat… a 5 pound baby boy….

I am so glad I went up there to see her.There was a bond, a bond that no one or nothing can break… there was something special about the interaction with her baby.

Mitt Romeny’s wife spoke to the Katjas baby, bills 008woman of the world last evening. About the challenges woman face, and that they know every single hair on their kids heads, how they behave, they take their kids here and there, they are there in the middle of the night to comfort them from a bad dream, or to help control a high fever, to read a book, to rock them to sleep. And for those woman blessed with a baby… a precious life that has many journeys to encounter along the way…she spoke to them.

She spoke to woman with or without children. For woman are focused on relationships and really in many cases..woman are the glue that hold the lives around them together.

Most woman I know never have to tell anyone about all they do… they just do it.

Woman are the wind under the wings of their spouses, their significant others, their children and sometimes even their friends. And tonight as I watched this new mom, and her very special little baby …. I was once again reminded of the wonders of growing up, the joy of children and the blessings we have been given because we are woman. And it was neat to think that this woman is going to be the wind under this little guys wings some day too…

Love to all… I am done singing my version of “I AM WOMAN”.. Congrats to Katja..he is precious. Mrs Justa alais Cindy