I had a thought the other day.. the thought was I am glad that all living creatures do not share the same habits, customs, ways to get to know one another…

August 2012 003

Need I say more???? This week and next is the NYS fair… could you see if everyone had dog habits as they passed by each other? Oh my goodness, I am so appreciative we just walk past people,, sometimes we shake hands !!

I had a dream a few nights ago..it was sobering…it was real..and one I was glad to have woken up from.

As I drifted off to sleep I became part of a group of souls…all floating in the same direction—towards a bright white light. Each spirit was covered with a black hooded cloak, drifting..and than every once in a while was a figure that looked like this…

( I got this off of google images) these spirits were whispering which way to go and to assure us that they too were once in the procession that we were all in.

The entire area was filled with whispers, forceful comforting whispers.

I asked one of there spirits where I was..and the spirit said I was on my way to meet God, and see Jesus. That all the cloaks floating around me in the same direction were all the people who had died when I died.

I gotta tell ya, when I woke up..I was tapping my legs, my arms.. and really glad I was actually lying in bed. I said a prayer… I looked at everything a little differently. But it has made me ponder… no one ever talks about death. We all avoid it.. yet we all will die. This made it so surreal.. To realize that in a second I will go from here..to just my memory here..my spirit.. my contributions..my disorganized  organization. I say that, because I know where things are… I know what things mean to me.. but who will know about some of these things when I am not here?

It brings to the forefront getting rid of things… making sure all the recent info is readily available when life insurance policies are, bank records, information for doing the taxes and paying bills. The dream has made me feel thankful for today, blessed for all my yesterdays..and really hoping for many tomorrows.

It was weird..it was strange… it has made me feel apprehensive..yet at peace.. Because the spirits that were guides basically indicated there is one way to go..no turning back… however things were left..that is how they will be. 

All I can say is wow…. and I love my family..and my friends..and I appreciate the readers who come over to read my thoughts.. THANK YOU!> I will be back tomorrow….and I will write again… Going to a Drive in tonight !!!. It is so neat to have a Drive In 8 miles away !!!

Love to all, Mrs justa alias Cindy