Sept sky fog 003

Look carefully..through the you see the stop sign?

I ask this because I was thinking about a man who had walked through a part of  my life.

His name was  Bob… he worked with me long ago. He was a good man.He reminded my of the Pillsbury Dough Boy… He had told me he had full vision until he was 4 years old. He fell onto some sticks and injured his eyes.  He would tell stories about when he worked in the State Tower Building in the newspaper/candy shop. He said it was before he totally lost his vision. He described how when someone would pay for something he would have to hold the money super close to his face to try to make out if it was a single bill, a five, a ten… a quarter, half dollar, dime, penny or nickel. He said he did it for years, until one day..he could no longer make out the money. He longed to be able to see it… and it must have been as hard as seeing this stop sign when he worked there.  When I met him, he had a blind mans stick. He tapped it to the left and right as he walked from bus stops to where we worked.  He lived in Syracuse, yet worked in Liverpool. That is a good 8-9-  miles apart from each other.

He had to walk from a high rise apartment..I think he lived on  the 11th floor..down an elevator, down about 7 city blocks to the center of town where all the buses came to get people. He depended on the drivers telling him what bus they were driving. He would get on the bus, take it to Liverpool and have to walk down some pretty busy streets to get to where we worked.

And do you know he did it with a smile, a whistle and a spring in his cautious step. He was one of many people who have left a footprint in my life’s journey. I never once heard him say anything about his life being short changed. He loved every day. He volunteered at “The Light House” a charity for the visually impaired. He did what he could with “what God blessed him with” he would tell me…

I thought about his the other nightAugust 2012 006 as we sipped some iced tea and had a wrap in Oswego…and I thought that he would never have been able to see this but he would have been able to  appreciate this…

See he would ask what I saw.. he would ask colors, he would ask if there was clouds, he would ask for words to make the scene..

Me I was there..Yet I was not whistling, I was not walking with a bouncing step, I was smiling though. and thinking about how great it was to see this sight,

To all those with visual deficits.. I dedicate this post to you… Love to all. Mrs Justa alias, Cindy