100_0544In the past 2 week we have gone to 2 weddings. This is a lot for us… we do not usually have weddings to go to. As I watched the workings of each wedding,  I was amazed at how the brides special day is so long worked up to.

Dawn and Evans first danceEach of these couples did outdoor weddings. Each planned the whole ceremony and reception after…and even though each was outside weddings… the weddings were unique to the individuals.

When all is said and done… it is the day for the bride and the groom..and everyone else is there to witness them promising before all present and God that they will remain true to reach other till death . That is probably the BIGGEST promise a person can make. Think about it… TILL death you are promising to stay with your new spouse.

At each wedding we knew the people in the wedding pretty darn well, and it was strange to see these woman ( one our niece..the other a close friends daughter) … who so clearly in my mind were just little girls not so long ago…. to see them beautiful, standing before a man they have committed the rest of their life to.

I want to say to the man— “take care of her” she is precious to me… but I did not… because obviously the man will—that is why they chose each other. And the ceremonies and receptions were THEIR ceremonies and receptions… it was their day.. their dreams….both special to them…and we felt blessed to have been asked to come to them.

100_4393Our wedding anniversary was this past Friday… we have been together for 27 years… married for 16 of them. As I watched these 2 separate couples exchange their vows… I was wondering what it will be like for them in 27 more years? Living a life with someone..means they see you in your best and worse times. To have that person be there, unconditionally through the laughter and the tears… that is priceless. I wish the best for both of them…

Today was a catch up day.. I have been feeling pretty disjointed with how busy we have been… I think I am a country girl.. a person who loves being home… I love the Saturday morning cleaning and making the house feel fresh… ( something I have not had time to devote to at the level I like to do it , in the past few weeks) I ended up working some on it yesterday..and most today…

Mark was not feeling too well..plus his leg and hip are really bothering him… This morning  I went off to church , came home and finished all the stuff I love doing around the house… Than tonight I went out to the garden…this has been a tough year on my aspirations to garden…and I am really glad there is not a farmers market depending on my produce… But tonight… I tied up some pretty heavy tomato plants, picked 6 ears of corn and broke off about 3 cups of Italian lettuce… I have home made tomato sauce with slightly seasoned chick breasts simmering in it in the crock pot..made a salad.and little brown rice….3 of the 6 corn on the cobs…. ummm….. it felt good to eat from the garden.

AS I was out there.. the humidity feeling like 120%..air thick…temp stifling…. I realized this is August.. Fall is next month…soooo I am not going to complain about the humidity..the RIley 7-19-2012 003sweat that I am still not used to having it run down my face, back, legs, and that makes my clothes stick to me… nope… cuz my body would rather be warm than cold.

Our little girl Riley is still at the kennel ( grr can not pick up on Sundays)…. but Mark will get her in the AM> She is such a sweetie…. we miss her when she is not here…

We are looking towards  the future… and things seem to be settling down after the next 2 weeks… Phew… I am kinda looking forward to getting back into some routines!.

Love to all.. hope your summer has been as blessed as ours has been.

Mrs. Justa alias Cindy