016Have you ever felt disjointed? Like things are just not meshing? Well that is kind of how I feel this week. Between having weekend that are filled with things to do……and the garden, the lawn, camping, cars getting fixed, work, ..I just am feeling like I am lacking some down time. I miss going to the gym..but dang each day has been so darn busy…

This weekend that past was a commitment to be away from home Friday thru Sun evening..and than work on Monday. When I have weekends like that, I try to do my home stuff that I love to do on a Saturday AM during the week prior to the weekend. Last week it just did not feel like I ever caught up.

Tomorrow is pay day100_0496..that means bill day… that means a day before the weekend. We are here for most of the weekend..and maybe by Monday I will feel whole again…I just feel like I am in pieces.

It is Weds night…I have a dark load washed and in the dryer as I type this…my mind is reeling with bunches of things I want and need to do. We really would like to camp in the next week or so.. which camping is nice… I just need to feel all together.

At work today it was like I started on something and before I could dive into it..something came along to push what I was working on down a peg. I stayed late just to have some time without interruptions. I left feeling more relaxed and less stressed. That was nice!!!

As I look at the next few weeks..I am saddened by the thought that Fall is in a month. This year has been totally incredible with temps warmer than usual—heck I think since April we are at the 25th day above 90 degrees… HERE IN SYRACUSE??? Unbelievable. Not tons of rain… lots of sun, blue skies and puffy clouds… I hate to say it.. but the weather in Upstate NY has been remarkable. Eat your heart out Arizona, Florida and Texas… LOL . The predictions for winter… less snow than normal AGAIN.. I am okay with that ! Heck.. 15 yrs ago being a “snowbird” seemed glamorous ( Those folks who live in northern US in the summer and in southern US in the winter) but now…this place is becoming more tolerable.. I am sure it will not stay this way for years..but it is nice while it lasts.

Last winter was weird when Texas and Florida had snow when we did not.. “doo daa doo daa.. WELCOME TO THE TWILIGHT ZONE!”

Yep..as Fall approaches..temps will cool a bit..the ACs can get drained and put to rest..the camper will get winterized and stored..the garden put to rest..mowers tuned up and parked… ahhh and life will slow down a bit.

I hope you too are enjoying the summer..but please STOP and take some ME time !!

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy