100_0545What an absolutely beautiful wedding for our niece and the man she loves.

It was on the front yard of their home, Jay Peak in the background, sunshine (Oh brother was there a lot of sunshine !!95 %) and incredible friends and family around them.

The reception was at a Campground/park on the edge of a lake in Newport..tents to shade the guest and the food… friends brought food to feed the very large group of people. There were crock pots, salads, pastries, baked goods, casseroles, grilled meats, veggie trays..the list goes on and on. More food than needed… people brought what they wanted to drink.. it was on a grassy hillside…it was very very nice.

Both at the wedding and reception there were many memories made….…Many moments were precious, some were priceless, and some were unbelievable.

We have returned from Vermont. It was a neat drive up at time..and some times were kinda not so neat. We used the Garmin to chart out our trip. This was a good thing, because the smart phones have a navigation system..but it does no good when there is no coverage. We were VERY lucky to have the Garmin. She took us places we had no idea where we were..and had she gotten an attitude and stopped working..well I think we would still be somewhere in Northern Vermont.

On our way up there we got held up in traffic when a tractor trailer and a motorcycle ended up in the same space at the same time. As we approached this way out in the boonies area—we saw a body in the road..a motorcycle with a rather flat back end..and a truck with the driver out on the road talking to a crowd of people. We were looking at the scene..a part of me thinking I should jump out and see if I could help..another part of me thinking there were plenty of people already there…so we waited…and waited… 15 minutes went by—still no police or ambulance…. than all of the sudden the biker sits up… Whoa—here I am thinking he is next to death..and he sits up…. after another 5 minutes or so..he gets up with some help..and walks out of the road..sits under a tree in the shade..head bleeding..but out of the way. Traffic started moving and off we went.

Than we drove100_0483 by some wind farms.. Now these are really neat!!! I guess it is a trial to see what effect they have on the environment, noise level, endurance and such. For a while we saw lots of windmills. And these were BIG one… made the 100_0486ones we are used to seeing look like “wanna be wind mills”

You could not really hear anything from them. I can not imagine the cost for a wind farm.. Holly schmolly..it has to be more money than most could afford. But to have the wind supply your power.. that is awesome.

We drove some more..got stuck in traffic at construction..went to a DIVE gas station truck stop..and than entrusted Michelle ( the voice in the Garmin) to lead the way. She had us taking roads that were a mile south of the Canadian border…as we had to get to the north western part of Vermont. Now I am not sure, if you broke down in Vermont if you would ever be found. These roads we desolate. We had no cell coverage—or our phones we reading Canadian towers so we could not use them… there are not clear markings of where you are….Bet a triple A membership there is way more expensive… There are no garages..few  department stores, people have signs in front of their house with specialties on them… ( wedding dresses on one house…. welding on another…. the list goes on an on) But who the heck supports these businesses?  Going to the grocery store is a full day adventure..so ya better not forget the eggs or milk!  It was kinda cute today..on our way back we went by a number of camp grounds… We figure people go to campgrounds so they can talk to someone… one had a sign that is had a pool…. Well the pool was one of those round above the ground maybe 48 inch high ones. It is a simpler life in Vermont. I truly love Vermont..but I can not understand how people survive in Vermont!,

We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast100_0496 in Newport..the outskirts of Newport..actually so outskirt that if you take a left out of the driveway instead of a right—you are in Canada. It is a nice place to lodge, but anyone who goes there –meant to go there… they are not in the center of a town or village..nope they are out in the country. They totally depend on word of mouth and what ever advertising they do. They have a Web site..they make their own maple syrup..we had a nice stay there.

It feels good to be home….good to have the laundry going….  good to be able to sleep in our own bed… tomorrow the dog comes back from the kennel…and back to life as we know it.  Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy