camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 Riley has a little condo. I am not kidding. The blue crate totally freaked her out..I mean we had to lift her to get into it, and when we came home she was panting, had diarrhea and was pretty distressed…. SOOO we folded that up and it currently is in storage …

Today we had some stuff going on and she needed to be left behind…so we left her at the kennel not far from here. The kennel owner has some of those BIG ASS cages for her FULL GROWN poodles… ( you know the big ones!!) and so they tried Riley in one of them. They are open on all 4 sides and pretty airey..Riley did not seem to off we went tonight to buy one of these cages. We have to do something, she freaks out when left alone. We brought the BIG ASS cage home, and than I took her out and walked her back and forth trying to encourage the poop to happen before we left and not while we were gone. Well..she did not go on the very long walk I took her  we left with Riley in the new condo.. ( Not without a shove of the butt and lifting the hind legs up.

We went to the grocery store and we were gone probably 45 minutes. We came home and we could hear her calling our names… No accident in the cage/ quickly we let her out…. she did both..after doing a happy dance going up and down the stairs…wiggling her butt because we came home.

So now we have this dog condo… it is big enough that  an adult could climb in there with her. Hopefully this will be a safe haven for her,,and keep our house safe from her curiosity..without the drama..trauma leaving her alone causes.

Mark teases me because he says I have made up quite a novel about her past in my mind, just because of her behavior… to me it makes perfect sense why she is crouching down when she is called…why she fears the crate…why she knows how to be a food scavenger..(she eats before the food hits her bowl!!) …Yeah I could write a real tear jerker on Rileys life before us.

Riley in the crib 004We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us…and to start it out we had to put up 2 sets of blinds that keeps the sun out… Mark and I wondered if our marriage would survive this little event.. ( It did)..he gets frustrated because he has limitations ….I get frustrated because he gets impatient…. BUT the good news is we have the blinds up… I took over when he needed to take a break..and the ol farts got it done!. Another victory for the two of us.

I have to go grab the laundry, make up the crib, do a few things around the house and get some sleep.

Love to all.. envy of those who are mechanically inclined handy people…. and pride in the challenged who get-er-done !!. Mrs Justa..alias Cindy