camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 048We have just returned from a 2 day camping trip at a KOA about 1 hr from here. It was fun, it was pretty hot weather.. and  it is always nice to get home. I get to go to work tomorrow, and I am looking forward to the 2 days of work, than the weekend.

The washer has just finished the last load of clothes, we have finished dinner, and I feel kind whipped from the day. We got up at 7..and left by about 9, than dropped the camper off at the camping store again—had a few issues that need looking at… and came home.

We unpacked..and as I went to make lunch—I realized the turkey lunch meat was no where to be found. Knowing the camper was sitting for a few the beating down sun…..needing repair—we figured we better go down there and get the turkey out of there.Can you imagine what the camper would have smelled like! I bet they would have fixed the problems quickly and gotten it back to the FAR AWAY lot lickety split!!LOL>>>>

So I finished unpacking the rest of the stuff..packed the left overs in the fridge or freezer, did some stuff around here, and off we went to the camp place to check out the probability that there was turkey left behind.

AND THERE IT WAS… under a grocery bag that was laying in the fridge from me packing the fridge up.

We left Riley at home… she is having trouble with adjusting to us being gone… well.. I left the cooler next to the counter..not thinking this long legged baboon would think the cooler was a step to the counter. She got on the counter..found 2 sub rolls, and took them on the floor and ate them..than proceeded to have diarrhea in the dining room… GRRRR!… I know they said she was a stray—so she probably climbed in all sorts of places for food…. she IS earning confinement in a kennel when we take off places…

She was great at the camping trip. camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 006they had a Kamp K-9… which she had more to herself than with others. So I became her play mate…. camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 009

She does not like to chase balls, was not real keen on the agility stuff… she just had time to be off the leash in a safe area.

We had initially planned this trip with Jeff and Amanda and their 2 kids…. we let Josh and Adrianne know –they and their 2 kids came..and than we mentioned to Emily about it. It was going to be like a mini family reunion for a few days…

BUT.. Jeff and Amanda’s boys were they were not able to attend. We have a nice time…but we definitely camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 055did miss them…

camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 034







camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 062

camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 067

camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 072

The pool water was cool, the dinner came out very good, the campfire was good for s’mores….and we enjoyed the time spent with everyone there.

camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 041





AS the day becomes closer to being a yesterday..I have thought about how neat it is to get together with family.

We are going to maybe try again in August and see if we can get the whole group together… if not camping.. maybe a summer meal here….. we will have to see… I am closing for now.. gotta finish a few things before ending the day…

Love to all , Mrs Justa alias Cindy