Oswego NY  6-11-12 012We are going to be camping in a KOA in the very near future. We camped there once before MANY years ago. We went to check it out and it seemed more crammed together this time. I think it was probably 20 ish yrs ago – and I remember it being clean—but not crammed.

It should be interesting to see how crammed—or uncrammed it is on a week day. We did check it out on a weekend day..and there was a lot going on in the area. So maybe when we get there it will be different.

I am bumming— Jeff and Amanda were going to spend the 3 days with us, but have had to cancel because of the kids having a viral infection that is pretty contagious. I hope we can try to schedule something later in the summer—even close by—where we can spend some quality time together. It is tough with popping in here and there..moments at a time. When we go camping—the distractions and responsibilities change some—I personally can relax and focus just on them , Mark and now the dog.

We are going to have one evening when we are there with Adrianne, Josh, Mackenzie, Caleb, Emily and Craig. That should be fun. We had seen them all this past weekend—but it was at a birthday party for Mackenzie..lots of people..lots of stuff going on…not the environment to have one on one…

When our kids were young we loved the KOA. They were clean, had a rec hall, pool, areas to walk around, and lots of people caring for the campground. Hopefully this will be the same experience we have once we have our 3 days there.

Last night we left my car off at the dealer. Occasionally we were experiencing the transmission slipping . I have a 100,000 mile warranty..and even though the car was drivable—it was telling us it was not feeling very good. So I had it in there last week for a strange noise ( vacuum sounding noise –which they could not figure out what I had heard) and I mentioned the transmission intermittent issue… they made an appointment for today. Well they just called… I need a new transmission. BOY AM I GLAD we took it in now !! I do not remember the cost with the warranty—100 or 200 dollars..but that is a heck of a lot cheaper than a transmission. Heck we want to keep this car going for a while… I put about 26,000 miles a yr on a car driving to and from work…

People say to NEVER get a warranty… well I have not had any regrets for any warranty we have ever purchased. Mark said to me today that I always get my money’s worth with my warranties… work amd Oct 2011 055

It is hot, muggy..and still no rain..the garden has been a huge disappointment this year…maybe we will get some tomatoes—but unsure right now—they all have black bottoms… Probably form the lack of rain and tons of sun. I am off to water the garden, talk to it and say a few prayers.. Have a great day, Love to all, Mrs justa…alias Cindy