Okay… so Words With Friends is something I hear and see often. I have not officially gotten sucked into the craze yet. See watching others do it.. well it is frustrating to me.

I like scrabble… and sharing a game of scrabble….well that is fun. But having to wait 14 hrs  before the next person takes a turn—well that is a little long for me…

Now with Words With friends… I watch some of these people play..and I am no whiz kid by far..and  I have played a fair number of games of scrabble with all levels of people. Heck there are a couple guys that were geniuses..and not one of these people could EVERY SINGLE word..come up with words I never heard of—words that entwine with a bunch of letters from other words..to come up with 40-100 point words EVERY TURN!!.that is telling me these people are not playing without assistance!! And I am not talking about another human being either.

There is no way… no way possible that there is not computer help in coming up with the repetitive high number words. SOOO than I start thinking… searching…. on line there are actually sites for “cheating on words with friends”.. I kid you not. One I went on said that you needed to make sure you felt okay about cheating in the game.

My thoughts are— if you want to play scrabble… than play scrabble….you and your opponent….END OF STORY….. not the cheater sites. Some of the words some of these people have come up with who “are not cheating” are words that I bet they can not define. If you have the computer figure out your next move—NEWSFLASH- you are no longer PLAYING the game!!!!… Nope !!! You have just become the middle man ( or woman)  — you have become a scribe for the computer..you are recording the computers next turn. WHAT FUN IS THAT?????

And than what floors me—- is the person cheating thinks the other person is totally unaware they are not that smart…..…. Well.. for me… one good word … maybe I could go with that… but 7 in a row !!!! Having a score 200 points over the other ones routinely….. nope ..not sounding like fun to me…

I guess if you HAVE to win all the time…. then this false sense of superiority might be a warm and fuzzy for you….. but to me…… no dictionary… my simple mind..and my small vocabulary are the only ingredients that make scrabble ( cyberly called Words with Friends) worth while.

So have fun all you CHEATERS!!!! I am not wasting my time on being a secretary to a computer.. Love to all,. Mrs Justa alias Cindy ( P.S. a real live game of scrabble—with the board, … with your opponent sitting at the same table….. …and touchable wooden tiles… a pencil and a paper score sheet….that is a great way to play Words With Friends)