Okay..the farmers market is sounding better than the “we can sustain life” theory. Dang it all…how do farmers do it?

The news has been full of stories of the drought, the HIGH temperatures… yesterday in Syracuse NY we hit 101 degrees…now I know folks closer to the equator are probably thinking that is NO BIG DEAL…but for us northerners—it IS a big deal. This has been an incredibly warm year—2012 has hit some highs..a lot of them.. I drive into work past many farmer fields and there are spraying irrigation devices trying to preserve their crops.

We have been babying our crops.. ( HA the garden is maybe 15 x 25 feet) and in it –I went conservative… 6 corn stalks., 4 squash plants, lettuce, radishes and tomatoes plus a couple of wanna be  egg plant and peppers..and a couple of sunflowers…)) –we have been watering them. I have been weeding them…than tonight I noticed the zucchini plants were looking a little sad… the squash bores have come back to haunt me AGAIN!!!

SOOOO now we have 2 plants and not 4…

GRRRR… I am really annoyed !

Our daughter in law was posting about the farmers market..and I wonder how the heck do the farmers get past the squash bores—we just lost 1/2 our crop—can you imagine if a farmer lost half their crops. It would make my 2 plants out of 4 look like nothing.  So I have to find optimism… we have had 8-10 zucchinis before the invasion…and we have a nice sunflower, lots of wanna be tomatoes…and I just got another yellow squash … We have had radishes and Italian lettuce… and it looks like we might get corn on the cob in another few weeks…. so..was it a success…. in a way… Is it worth it if the bores and blithe are going to invade the garden… NO!!!!

We will have to see how the rest of the season goes… right now… I am on the discourage teeter totter.

This pooped lady is gonna roll up the carpets.. and go to bed.. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy