Dawn's bridal shower 7-14-2012 016

I went to a bridal shower this afternoon at a fire hall. It was very nicely decorated and the air conditioning was working overtime,  the people there seemed to all know one another and enjoyed being with each other.

I was walking around looking at the various walls. Now I zoomed this in to show one of the photos I saw on the wall.

It is not clear—as I had to really crop the picture, but if you look closely 1/3 of the photo is black smoke. That is because this is a house totally engulfed—I mean all 4 walls, the roof had red/orange flames shooting out.

AS I looked at a few pictures framed that were all this same theme—I began to wonder????

Why would a fire hall hang these in their fire hall? These are more like the sensationalism photos journalists thrive to have captured on a still photo for the newspaper.. But this is the other side of the story.. This is the place that houses the fire equipment and where the firefighters congregate to go fight fires. So than WHY would they proudly display homes that they obviously could not save.

No offense.. but that is not a positive endorsement for fighting fires. Now there may be a totally different reason to have these on display— I just do not understand. I totally respect and admire fire fighters, and I am amazed their commitment to help others they do not know..and with that.. these photos just did not make sense to me…

It was a nice shower… I found it refreshing to watch the bridesmaid and the bride to be so enthusiastic with the upcoming wedding and the shower. It was a nice time. Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy