On our way to the family reunion last week we had to stop and fuel the pick up. As I sat 001in the truck with Riley, a van pulled up. It was heart warming and brought things in perspective as I thought about these people who got out of the van. A woman, a teenage daughter and a couple of young kids.  “Daddy” was driving…

How surreal it must be for a military person when they are taken out of the regimen of being deployed to who knows where, seeing who knows what, for a very long time… and than all of the sudden..poof—you are all of the sudden  into a life you had put on hold…a role that was natural..but must feel kind of awkward initially. 

Heck I remember when Mark would be gone for a week.. and than come back on the weekend—the kids waiting for his arrival so we could all do stuff together..and for me..I was just over living a week solo with one child..and now to adjust to 2 parents and 2 kids. These guys and gals are gone for months on end..

It was neat to see..yet sad in a way..for the emotions, the memories, the longing to be together are all components that need to be balanced and dealt with.  I hope they are adjusting and okay…

Riley is getting stronger every day. Her vet appnt on Tues. evening was a meet and greet—and because her appetite and drinking water were less than good. She had bouts 018of diarrhea and we wanted her checked out. The vet checked her over pretty thoroughly and feels that Riley is having some psychological issues that are causing her the lack of eating and drinking. The vet went and got a 101 Dalmatians kids plate with some morsels of food and a couple of apple/cinnamon dog biscuits… the dog literally inhaled the food. ( This was like taking your car to the shop and it won’t do what it was doing for you…) The vet actually says that she believes the dog is associating the dog dish with the kennel and all the trauma she has gone through with being abandoned/lost.. and living in the kennel, …. so on the way home we got her her very own Corelle plate and she is eating like crazy. She had lost 2 pounds the first 8 days we had her..but I believe she is on the road to being healthy now.  We did find out she in not a puggle ( beagle pug mix) instead she looks to be a Beagle Boxer mix.  She is the most friendly, gentle dog I think I have ever run across. Riley in the crib 002 We are blessed to have her.. She and the cat get along… that is until tonight…. If the cat sees that Riley has decided to sleep in the cats bed… there may be some tension from the black cat !!.

This evening we are in the office after going up to the lake at sunset..and Riley was laying on the floor… she had to pee—so I let her out..when she came back in the office she leaped into the crib… Imus is unaware at this point..but I have a feeling there will be some groans once this new situation  is discovered!.

As Mark says.. “She’s got the life of Riley!!”

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy