100_0027The anticipation of getting a pet is overwhelming at times. Did we get everything we will need? Will she like the food? Will she tell us when she has to go out? Will she listen? Is she a chewer? How long will Imus and the new dog take to accept one another?

Tomorrow we hope we can get her. She was spayed today and they said by around noon she should be all set to come home. 

We met our friends tonight and had dinner. It was kind of weird-our excitement and their not even beginning to comprehend why we would do  this life changing event. They are not pet people.. we are. It is similar to my not liking boating, or having horses.

We all have our interests, our compassions. I try to understand those who really like something that I just look at and say “ What am I missing?”

But it is natural for us to 100_0022prepare for a dog.. my goodness, dogs can be such an intricate part of our lives..and we swore we would never get another..but her story—her smile… she won us over… This is like preparing for a new kid in 24 hrs!. Oh you will have to watch for some photos… her leaving the shelter, her riding in the car..her coming to her new home…

yep—a new little girl in the house. Can not wait!.

Have a great night…. love to all.. it is late—I am going in a zillion directions..and I gotta stop and SLEEP… love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy