Riley comes home 6-29-2012 022

Riley is our new “daughter”. She came home today from the SPCA.

Riley’s story is kind of sad…and I hope she believes it now has a happy ending to it!.

Riley is estimated between 2-3 yrs old. .. she was found as a stray.

She was brought to the SPCA , they not really knowing anything about her,had to put her through the screening and testing to make sure she was healthy..and than put in a kennel for possible adoption. A week or so after she arrived—her family came in to look for a dog… can you imagine how happy Riley was when she saw her family found her!!! but instead of them paying a fee to get her back..they left her there , telling the place “they can keep her” .

When we met her, she was the only Riley comes home 6-29-2012 009dog that did not bark..she just sat, smiling, looking at the door, I truly believe looking for her family to come back in again… . I guess we need to thank her owners for being such irresponsible, uncompassionate people. Riley deserves more than being left behind like that! The Lord works in mysterious ways..and for Riley.. I am convinced there was some divine intervention in this last 72 hrs…. I just do not understand how anyone can find their pet..and leave them.  And I wonder how she became stray…. she does not run away from us…she is very well behaved on a leash…

When Mark and I individually saw her on Weds—we both agreed we liked her. She was spayed on Thursday, and is our dog today.

She rode in the car wonderfully…

she went into Pet smart—never barked or  bothered by other dogs in there…and she let a representative from the store work with her for quite a long time , trying on various harnesses. She just kept standing still..than stepping in and out of the harnesses..We were amazed… Here at home—she has not yet barked.. we do not know her signs for “I gotta go out NOW” but I am sure we will learn them soon.. We just bring her out every 30-45 minutes and praise her when she goes… She is having trouble with her digestive system.. both ends—but we are wondering if it is not the after effects of the anesthesia from yesterday..and the stress of being adopted today.

She and the cat had NO problems…Riley comes home 6-29-2012 026                                                                                                     

we love this is like the cat is telling the secrets of the house…I can hear their conversation…”See the guy—he is EASY!! but the lady.. she is a not as easy to manipulate..”

This weekend we had camping reservations- we were supposed to leave this afternoon…but with this new addition to our family—we decided to postpone arrival till morning… well the camp site said with it being a Holiday weekend—we had to be there by 10 this evening—or loose the camp site. It was not fair to the dog to take her up there 3 hrs after we picked her up so we decided to cancel our weekend camping trip because she needs to adjust to one place at a time. Riley comes home 6-29-2012 039

It is all for the better—we can watch the dog—try to see her cues, not worry about her getting over stimulated at a packed camp grounds..and we can work with her to teach her all the ok and not so ok things to do around here.

SO here is the start of yet another of Mark and Cindy’s wonderful adventures…. hang on… ya just never know what kind of stuff flows our way… Love to all, Mrs justa alias Cindy..