Today at lunch, I was working fervently on a case—thinking about working right thru lunch , munching on my cheerios and just plugging thru , and all of the sudden..I am standing.. it is 1:20 and off I go to lunch.

It was weird… when I got out to my car, I had a mission… Malloy Road..the CNY SPCA. Don’t know was strange.

So off I go, I walk in and start walking through the aisles of kennels..and low and behold this sweet little dog is sitting there watching the doorway, almost willing for it to open by someone special. She did not bark when I walked by, she looked at me—but right back to the door. I saw probably 30 dogs… most barking at me “Take me..Take me..” and this sweet little dog continued to sit there. I walked back and forth by her kennel 4 times..same response….

So I went out to hear her storyimagesCAV7BBSN. Seems she was a stray, found wondering , so they took her into the shelter. She was from a family life… and her family found her at the shelter..but after they saw her, they found they would need to pay a they basically told the shelter to keep their dog… And here sits this dog—waiting for her owners to return and bring her home. The dog does not understand…. and well I got weak.. I called Mark— he came down and met her… he got weak..and long story short—we may bring her home Friday.

So off we went to WalMart tonight….—needed to buy little girly dog stuff..a pink collar, a leash, a pink dispenser for poop bags, food, a bowl, a kennel, a bed, treats, a pink dog stuffed teddy bear, and a brush..At the check out- this woman came up to me, she  had just 002entered the store as I was standing in line…. she saw the cart full of new dog stuff and said she had just moved into a home a few blocks away..and the owners left a dog crate..if we wanted it she would just give it to us…She said her husband was going to put it by the road with a “free” sign on it…

This was so weird—like everything was coming together intentionally. Seeing the dog, Mark liking the dog too, now this woman. think of all the things that happened in sequence to have me and this woman cross paths at the same time. My 4-4:30 meeting ran 15 minutes late…my director came with me to the SPCA to spend some time with the dog to be… she wanted to see the other dogs and cats-so we were there for a bit…traffic was crazy on the way home, and turns to get home were not the quickest way to go…. … I changed,  put laundry in the washer, put a few things away..than headed to WalMart with Mark, we stopped a couple times and looked at things, we compared costs for things we needed… each thing that happened led to  this woman and I to meet at that one moment. … Spiritual intervention..

so Mark and I put the 40.00 kennel back, I cashed out the rest of the things, and than we gave the lady some time to shop and go home..( she figured she would be home in about 20 minutes… ( we went and sat by the lake for a bit)  we went to her home..and she already had the kennel sitting there for us. We brought it home, and after hosing it off, cleaning it with fantastic, it looks pretty much like new. That was so kind of her to do that !. Acts of kindness done randomly…… It meant so much to both of us.. Wow..what an experience.

I am off now to get ready to pay bills tomorrow.. and to go camping this weekend… some days feel like there just are not enough hrs in a day.

Love to all, Mrs. Justa alias Cindy