Technology is amazing, it really is. But it is also making us let empathetic, less social, less able to involve each other in real life to exist. Oh we can all sit and stare at computer, and text one another, we can play games with others over the web—not hearing their laughter or their comments… we can blog …. we can feel important because we have over 100 friends on facebook…MArks phone 001but at the end of the day…if it was your last day on this part of life’s journey…. how long would it take for someone to realize you died? Would your “friends” on facebook notice??

Would anyone miss a text message… … and are you in a neighborhood where people do not know one another??? Would anyone  know your car has not moved, or your blinds never were opened, …why??? Because often  I believe that we live in a society that is not as neighborly as it was 20-30 years ago.  It seemed like in the 50s and 60s that children lived near their families, I can not even begin to count the number of people whose children have moved to other states..sometimes across the country. Siblings are doing their own thing, children have lives of their own, in many places neighbors see you come and go but do you know your neighbors names? Do you feel comfortable to go to the door of the person who lives next to you and say hi? And if you there a chance they would be wondering what you REALLY wanted?

This is a differentMArks phone 240 time. I know if my brothers or sisters… if our kids or spouse needed anything—we would be there in a heart beat. I also believe if I was to call family member and ask for help—they would be here without a doubt . But the Sunday dinners of long ago, they were great at getting the family together..or block parties… they just do not happen as often as before. Oh I am sure some folks still have the family gatherings..but I just feel it is less. I tell myself I should start it with those family  around here…but I never do…Mark and I have talked about doing a mini family reunion for our kids and their kids… like in OBX –rent a house.. In a few years though..when the kids are more able to climb safely the sand dunes and 4-5 flights of stairs.

Life —- it is different. We find life’s events of people we care about over face book…( back when I was younger -if a friend was suffering we found out by a letter, a call or a card…We were out to dinner last weekend, there was a mom, dad and kid at the table..and in the mom’s lap—her I- phone–texting away to others on  their smart phones-so this quiet dinner for 3 became a dinner with all her friends too…. When it sounds cool to have your coffee with your family via skype… maybe it is time we turn the power off and turn the compassion and relationships up.

I have an older brother who lives about 9 hrs away. I think he and his wife still have their kids and their kids spouses, and children come over for Sunday dinner. Let’s bring 11-12-11 thanksgiving with our kids and their kids 015back the gatherings, lets bring back the calls, lets bring back the knocking on doors and extending a hand…. ( Just make sure the person is not high on bath salts… seems they are making people eat people! You want your hand back when you extend it. )

We only live once … this is our one time to share our life with others… there is nothing better than the hug of a grandchild, the laughter of many, the stories from long ago…. and it is not found on the computer or IPAD-Iphone screens.

Love to all for tonight.. think about picking up the phone or writing a letter, or actually visiting someone,,,,Mrs Justa alias Cindy