Being a parent means we protect1000 island trip 049 our children when they are young. We want to make the world safe for them and we want to guide them through their years of youth. I was reminded of this today , we went to Alexandria Bay , and we took an Uncle Sam’s Boat tour around some of the Thousand Islands. As we were Boat touring around, a rather large ship came towards us..I took this photo- to me it represents that protective, loyalty of a parent. This ship never once made this eagle leave it’s nest on the top of this buoy….

Father’s Day is here. And well it has been now 48 years since I last had the chance to give my dad a hug, or sit on his lap, or tell him I loved him… 48 years ! That is a long time.. In years it is a long time..but in memories it seems much less.

1000 island trip 133His teachings are instilled in me, his reprimands when I was doing something wrong-well they made me who I am… and the one thing that totally amazed me is not once in my short time of life with him, did I ever hear my mom and dad argue, disagree, or get angry with one another. They loved us equally, they supported each other, and they never got in the way of the others disciplining one of us. As the years have passed..I think about how unusual that magical it is.

AS we sailed around the islands I was thinking about dad, and as I carefully  held onto the camera,I  did not lean over the railing, I walked slowly carefully  looking at where I was going.. I smiled..because that was my dad talking to me…from the corners of my mind..

I love you dad !. Happy Father’s Day to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy