Okay, I do not often ask for people to send a prayer out for someone, but tonight our little grandson Preston is spending the first of maybe a few nights in the hospital . He was admitted this morning after the doctors decided that an infection he had was not getting better on antibiotics at home. So he was admitted and had a surgical procedure to try to remove the infection and pack the area. His parents are up with him tonight as they await the cultures. I hope they find answers and he gets home quickly.


Here he is about an hour after he returned to the room, the doctors had come in to check him out. They were trying to become his buddies and so they were asking him why he had blue lips. He was trying to explain he had a blue popsicle.

I borrowed this from his other grandmother- she posted the photo on facebook.. I did not have a camera up there with me..this was an unplanned admission.

He is at the children’s hospital in town, and it is an amazing place. These people deal with children of all ages, with all types of illnesses.What unbelievable strength they have to do what they do every day.

I am off to try to rest..kinda wired from the whole thing. Tomorrow will come soon…

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy