Ya know..

Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 008I do not think I could make up this  stuff that happens to me/ us..

Tonight I had a list of things to do, and some meant going to Save A Lot and Wally World ..so Mark had suggested we grab something quick to eat while we are on the errand trail… so we went to an  eatery- it is one where you go to the counter, order from an over head white board, and wait for your number to be called.

Behind and under the white board is a long grill area… we walk in and there are flames—and I am not talking the quick burst of char broiled—I am talking whomping flames… the “cooks” ( they looked to be maybe 17… ) were looking at this fire.. smoke filling up the counter area..I thought it was pretty thick… and in the background the “manager” was yelling to the “cooks” to turn the gas off.

I am wondering when the Candid Cameras were going to pop up- as we all stood in line-smoke billowing, the smell of heat and plastic, the kid at the counter taking orders… Mark at one point said “ Maybe we should leave..” But the kid asked what we wanted—like this was an every day event…. we placed and order… I stood at the doorway holding the door open for ventilation… and watching this whole thing.

Please let me know if it comes on TV at some point… like Candid Camera or “What Would You Do?” We did not do what we should have… Like call for help… or leave totally….Our dinner was made—we got the wrong order the first time, and the second time it was what we ordered—but a disappointment.

So..moving forward in time a few hrs….

Groceries done and put away… laundry washing..sheets changed..and I am getting ready to go through the bill paying adventure… As I was getting ready  I look in my purse… first calmly..than my insides wanted to go into panic mode..a check book was not in my purse. The check book specifically for money put aside for our house payment and our taxes…A check book I use once a month…. .That is one of those YIKES!!! moments—the kind when it would be easy to get irrational, or pace, or want the whole world to wake up and start looking.

But I remained calm, and stopped and prayed to my favorite Saint….  St Anthony. And I prayed to God to give me the strength to remain level headed…. cuz I could feel a force wanting to push e into frantic panic mode….BUT I was not giving in…. .  There was like a calming wave and it was like a soft voice told me to check the pick-up truck, behind the seats.. I am thinking..”Okay..but that is the LAST place I would have looked” … but with a confused look and blind faith I went out with flashlight in hand to the pick up truck and the check book was behind the 2 seats! Oh for a moment I am going through thoughts of everywhere I had been since I used it last, and was my debit card in it, and Oh dear I need to go and check the bank statement, and how can I cancel the credit card at 12 AM .. and hyperventilation wanted to take over.. 100_0027( yeah Satan was having a party with me..but I was not going to go to the party) …so I stopped… prayed.. and the check book is here, safe and sound.

THANK YOU God , St Anthony and what ever other Devine interventions who came into the dining room and took control.

So now.. the bills are pd—the laundry is almost dry..and I am calming to a sleep mode.

Love to all..the weekend is coming up—so I might not be on till Sunday… weekends tend to become whirlwinds of stuff….

Mrs Justa alias Cindy….