Okay… I have a pondering thought..why does a 4 day week seem to last longer than a 5 day work week? I mean really—it is only day 2 of 4 and I feel like I put in 5 days already. I can not ever figure that out.. 5-27-12 012

It has been a fairly busy 2 days, tonight was a stay later than normal at work night, than home for a short bit, met our friends for coffee..and now we are back. I am about to balance the check book and get ready for bill paying tomorrow night.

This can be a challenge at times.. For there is real math..and than “Cindy math”. The “Cindy math” is not intentional how it is completed—in fact I am always amazed when I see that “Cindy math” was done.

The last episode of “Cindy Math” happened during a rush to get the bills done.. It was a great event—seemed like the money was lasting forever…

Well a couple days later—as the e-payments started showing, I was rather upset with the bank because their math was not matching mine.

mixed up mathLow and behold ..it was I who made the error… I use a big calculator—like one accountants use—so heck when the answer comes up on the LED screen—that IS THE ANSWER!.. But seemed I left the “2” out of a $225.00 payment when I hit the keys..so I subtracted $25.00 instead of $225.00…When I use the calculator-it is like my reasoning goes on a break and I rely on what the screen shows..

FORTUNATELY>>>we check our bank statement regularly..and FORTUNATELTY we had a way to get the 200.00 back in there before there were transactions that would have failed… so I am off to make sure the math for this past week has been real math and not the “Cindy math”….I HATE when I make a mistake… and when I see one—I am totally dumbfounded over how could I have done it… I could try to blame Mark—but it is my hand writing !!.

I hope you are having a great week… the way mine has been going so far… well… let’s hope the numbers are in correctly…All I gotta say is thank goodness I am not dealing with huge numbers in the account—I can only imagine what “Cindy math” would do if we had thousands, or millions, or billions…  in there…

Nope—I can make a mistake with just hundreds–

Love to all…Mrs. Justa alias Cindy