100E0390Whoa… don’t look now..but this full moon is gonna be a doozy! Yeah we are working up to one that will be memorable I am sure.

I NEVER wear skirts to work… skirt 001always dress slacks..but today I wore a skirt. It was hot out and I really felt a skirt would be cool… This skirt was made in India…. and it is shades of different green material. The material is cut in strips that go around and than seamed together.

Well..today some stuff happened and someone grabbed at my skirt for support…

guess what…. skirt 003I think the thread used in the clothing factory in India was one ply..Because the threads started popping…and I ended up holding my skirt together with paper clips. Oh it was a sight to see..and by lunch time—well I was running low on paperclips… seemed every time a thread had loosened—it kept loosening more… so there I am..trying to help out a person , my skirt slowly unraveling…and me trying to not worry about it.

I was thankful I always listened to my mom and had a slip on. In my “Oh my goodness “ moment—I was envisioning having my slip only.

Lunch time came and I ever so delicately walked to my care, gingerly sat in the seat and went to Wally World and got slacks and a top.  Once I found a top and slacks that would not break the bank—I paid for them and than went into the bathroom to change> I did not want to have my skirt fall apart in Walmart and end up on the web of people you see in Walmart…

So I am in the bathroom , and thinking about how unusual this probably looks to those coming in and out..to have someone in a stall totally changing clothes.. I am imagining getting cornered as I leave the bathroom by security..or having them notice I went in one way and came out in a totally different garb. But alas-no security…no guards..So off I went in the parking lot to get to my car and back to work. I am rummaging thru my purse s I walk up the incline to where I was parked, and I felt something weird shaped , so I squeezed it a little to pull out my keys….

GRRR>.. it was a plastic bag with 4 little French vanilla creamers in it..and one exploded in my purse.. I am now walking through the parking lot with French vanilla creamer dripping off my fingers….thinking that no one could make this stuff up !!

This evening once home, I went to the gym.. walked on the tread mill for about 45 minutes and came home…. It felt good… it always does… So I am now about to end the day… get a shower and get ready for tomorrow…golly gee I hope it is a little less eventful!!

What a day… I am glad it is over… Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy