The new term for the past year or so… a “stay-ca-tion” Now there are a lot of positive things from choosing this . You are not stuck in traffic…you are not sleeping in a strange bed at night…you can do your own thing without worrying about making noise to disturb others at a hotel/motel.

We are doing a “Stay-ca-tion” this memorial Day. It is going pretty well. Friday 100_0370night we went to Oswego NY—just 25 miles north of here. We had dinner on this raised restaurant deck…
It overlooks Oswego River. We ordered chicken wraps, not bad pricing and food was delicious.

We have looked at this place from across the river a number of times. In fact we took this picture of it last year.


It was one of those places we always wondered what it was like, but never went there to find out.

Well Day one of our stay-ca-tion brought us to the other side of the river.

Day 2 of the “stay-ca-tion was breakfast with our friends , but at 9 not at 8… Than we went to Sears to get a few things for the camper…than were going to try to swing by Jeff and Amandas—but they were not home… that is a risk we take when we just are not sure a time we would be arriving … so home, groceries, some house work…and I went out and did the to our second adventure.

Fulton Speedway 5-26-2012 002FULTON SPEEDWAY! This place is a local business, it is really fun , it is a 3/4 mile dirt track and heck they start the qualifying races at 7 and we got out of there at 10:15. They have 4 different types of race cars … it was fun fun fun… These races have been around for a long time..and we used to go frequently but have not gone for over 4 years—just because…it was a nice evening… not too hot or cold…

Tomorrow is day 3…. church in the AM, than pop over to Jeff and Amanda’s house for a little to the car wash… and who knows what the stay-ca-tion will lead us to tomorrow…

I hope you are having a good weekend… take a moment to remember those who died and those who have or are serving in the Military-so we can be free…. we are truly blessed.

Love to all.. And THANKS TO ALL THE VETERANS and their families…

Mrs Justa alias Cindy.