Ya looking for a job? Well check out this site!

Yep, I spent a little while looking at all the different jobs they advertise, that I never thought about people being hired for…but after reading some of the job descriptions, I am amazed at my taking certain things for granted.

My favorite one—is the “Roadkill Collector Jobs”. Now I never knew people applied for that. I figured it was who got the shortest straw 100_4399at the DPW that day.

Dang—someone actually trains and applies for it.. Now the very disheartening part is when they talk about what they do with the road kill once they get it..

I was okay with bringing it to a landfill.. composting facilities… but A SOUP KITCHEN!!!!

there is only one word for that.. Y U C K >

I love how it says this job is not for animal lovers… So does that mean that “RoadKill Collectors” are mean heartless people? Bet that is a fun class to be a part of!.

There are other jobs there that sound kinda neat though.. An elephant trainer… how 100_3707about training to be Santa Claus… or an Elvis Impersonator… I do not know if I could survive the becoming an embalmer… although I always have done IV and blood draws well… and there are many things I just know would not be a profession I would ever have tried for. (like taxidermist, bounty hunter, bomb squad job, airplane repossession job…) I am not knocking these jobs…just I am not made for them…

Nursing has been my passion since I was 10.. my older sister was in nursing school than, and I LOVED my older sister.. She was a hero type figure in my mind.

So I am glad as I was learning different trades and talents in life..that finally I went to nursing school and fulfilled that dream…

BUT looking at this list of stuff…if I was 18 and wondering what to do with my life… there are some pretty neat things ….

I am about to call it an evening..and drift off to wherever my dreams take me…. heck last night I was with some pretty interesting people—we were working on some project..that when I woke up I felt like I had deserted my job !. Than reality hit..and I went to my job..one I love, I am so thankful for, and one that makes Mon thru Fridays fly right by…

Good night or good day to all,

Love, Mrs. Justa alias Cindy