Okay, I am all for safe driving… ( Mark would say I am over cautious) and I appreciate a few reminders like this one……..but this goes two ways folks.

I was driving in this morning on an interstate. Speed limit is 65mph… wiggle room means many were pushing the 70 mph end..out of nowhere this laser speed spot went literally flying up the northbound side.. I kid you not..this person was on one of the         ” Crotch rockets..” he must have been clipping at least 100 mph. It made the others look ,like they were driving on a 30 mph village street. Now I do not know about you,, but I could have looked twice for this creep in my rear view mirror and not seen him, changed a lane..and probably would not have realized what hit me!

I would have reported it via 911.but by the time I would have talked to the operator- at 100 mph..this guy would have been miles down the road.

Sure motorcycles save tons of fuel, some feel they are fun, and motorcycles take up less space… but just because they go super fast does not mean you should stretch it out to the limit. My God… in a car you would not survive a crash at that speed… these dudes have NOTHING protecting them. There were cars in both lanes, he was sharing lanes- zipping around the people before they were able to react.

As I am shaking my head about this total idiot… the news came on …3 !!!!! people were in motorcycle crashes overnight and last evening….all related to speed and at least one to drinking too.

Way back when I was a pup…. back when all cameras had film, and it had to be developed.. I was 18 at the time….I worked in a photo lab.. We processed the photos for the sheriffs department. These were rush jobs..as the investigators needed them for their reports… well  my job was processing, printing and cutting all the fatal accident photos. Gruesome… yes… did I see images that have stayed in my mind… ( well it has been 40 years and they are still there..) but the most bothersome was the motorcycle fatalities. The people did not have a prayer…. some were their fault..some were others.

So YES.. we need to be aware there are very narrow vehicles sharing the road… BUT darn it folks… give us a chance to see you !!. These creeps who do not believe anything will happen as they are zooming at 100 + mpr— even at 75 mpr—- they need to park it… go back to the tricycle….

you should all look like this guy—photo from google images….

( yeah the one with pedals..no motors). The smart…safe drivers… I am watching for you…. the jerks… it is hard when I can not see you..only a dot flying by…

OK… this is me climbing off the pulpit for the night…. going to take my shower…. As always… love … Mrs Justa alias Cindy