Sept sky fog 015Listen to the news , listen to the talk shows…and than wonder what we are trying to save anything for ..

I heard today that there was an article stating  that we are using the earth up so fast, that by 2018 we will need 2 worlds to live on… OK..I am having trouble believing this… and if it is try—to hell with the 401K plan and Roth IRA…to hell with worrying about that the Pres is gonna do next… to hell with worrying about retirement.. HECK—  –pack your bag—lets go have a wild exciting vacation.

The is a song Ann Murray did back in the 70s called “A Little Good News” and it is about the doom, gloom and hopelessness the world is in..and how nice it would be to get a paper—or see the evening news..and have it be about HAPPY things. Like children playing, or special scenery…and not the downing news of depression, recession, icebergs melting, gas being used to much….

I can not believe the nay-sayers… because what if they are wrong… So unpack your bags..maybe we can go grab a coffee at Dunkin Donuts and get our AARP/ senior discount!. We have to all be conservative in our use of energy, in food, in our wants versus our needs… and than we have to all rally together for a common goal…

To me… I am amazed that theSept sky fog 029 sun comes up each day… that flowers bloom, that babies are born, that there is a big world out there and we need to respect it…

So go gently thru the grass, drive carefully to your places you go… and keep talk radio off the radio….man it can scare the beejeebers outta ya!..

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy