100_3454As the day is slowly leaving and night fall is surrounding the house, I think of Helen Keller. Out here the darkness is true to the deepest sense of the word. I like night because it gives me permission in my subconscious to stop..stop working, stop checking off things on my list,to pop on line ..check out facebook and share a thought with you. So as I sit here…and look at the darkness…I am thinking about Helen Keller living in darkness for the majority of her whole life—no sight or ability to hear…

She once said..”If you had three days to see, what would you choose to see in those days? Your answer to this question will teach you about what you truly love in your life.”

I am having a lot of trouble answering this… my husband, our kids, our kids families, ALL of our  grandkids, ocean, mountains, sunrises and sunsets, life’s photos , a puppies face, my mom and dad, a camp fire, fireflies, fireworks,the color blue, the color teal, a flower, a growing garden,  smiles..(lots of smiles) wow… imagine being given 3 days only for sight…and than imagine if all you knew was blackness—and wishing for the same thing.. ..I know what I have seen—so I know what I love to look at….

but what if you have never ever seen a thing….

what an incredible woman she was…did you know

she became deaf and blind at 19 months of age…. so somewhere in her mind she saw things for a short while….

she was the first deafblind person to graduate from college- earning a Bachelor of Arts

she lived from 1880 to 1968

She wrote dozens of books… her first one was an autobiography—written in 1903…

She loved music—she felt music through her fingertips… as she could not hear it.

She traveled around the world—to 39 countries and gave speeches

She visited the wounded- bringing them support and comfort

She did all this and more deaf and blind…. the darkness to her was a part of her life… totally amazing….

Love to all,, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy