Half the weekend behind us, and it has been a very nice one so far! Last night we went over the Jeff and Amanda’s, the kids were already in bed, but we offered to hang out and listen for them, so Jeff , Amanda and their friend could spend a few hours out.

This morning our breakfast out with our friends. That is always a fun time… listening to Mark and Shawn and their comments back and forth , it is entertaining…We came home for about an hour… and than headed West…

Today was a super special day. We went and spent a few hours with Emily. It was a really nice visit. It is the first time we have all gotten together to share time with one another. She has been to family functions in Rochester, but we never really had one on one time to spend with her…not until today ! SmileIt is tough at large family functions to connect with everyone….

Emily is 15 in a time so different than when we were growing up .Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 036

We went to a place Mark and I used to bring our kids when they were small. It is a peaceful place, a very long pier to walk out on, the temp was perfect, the sky clear. There was a nice breeze. We got lunch at a restaurant at the pier, and just spent time reflecting on various events and outlooks of life. Mark had a canvas chair – so he sat at the entrance of the pier and Emily and I walked all the way to the 100E0356end. We stood there for a while, talking about a lot of stuff… Her visions for her future, her goals for college, her plans to work , she has a sense of humor that is priceless, her insight to things she has been through.

Emily’s  parents are very special , and we were blessed to also spend an hour or so talking to them before we headed home.

I was trying to think back to being 15 and in school and how cruel kids were to me. I can not imagine how it would have been if there were cell phones, all the materialism of todays world, ..we had enough to survive in the world back than—but we did not have an over abundance of things. My mom always showed she loved us…. and fortunately for Emily..her parents are the same way….some parents now a days try to buy their kids love… Emily’s parents give her their love…She is truly blessed. She seems to have a some good friends in her life, she is very intelligent and seemed to understand a lot about life in general…

So Emily… Mark and I thank you for spending some time with us today… it was great… and a beginning to a new chapter in all our lives….

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy