100_4274_editedI was reminded of a rather embarrassing time a few years back , when I chose this photo to be my desk top on my home computer.

It is funny how various life events are lodged in our emotions somewhere… snuggled up in cob webs of yester-year..and than poof. something wipes the webs away..and the emotion wakes up..BOOM!

This is in Bar Harbor Maine. We had walked out on this dock and we were admiring this restaurant.The windows were all along a section with table that looked out on the pier.

It was quite quaint..quite unique..so in we went for dinner. We get in there, they asked how many.. ( I love that—there are 2 of you standing there and they ask how many…) We said 2. So they brought us back to the area that looked over the pier.. See the tables were meant for 2…and do not order much food!..There was not much room on the table.

So we ordered drinks… they came..the waiter asked what we would like… I asked if the salad or pasta dishes were prepared separate from the seafood… he looked at me and said”Why do you ask?” My response was I am pretty allergic to fish… and can not eat anything with fish on it. ( He acted like I was the only person in the world with a fish allergy..) Now perhaps Bar Harbor Maine—at a restaurant on a pier..is not the place for a fish allergy person to go…. Off he went…. he was gone for what seemed like an eternity… than he comes back and said the chef has asked us to leave. That they do not want to serve us.

First I thought he was joking.. I am like Ha Ha Ha..waiting for a smirk….…. but he was not smiling… he was kind of looking uncomfortable but standing firm on his words… so what we had sipped from our soda was the extent of the meal… They told us we could go without paying…

So with my head down.. 100_4146feeling really embarrassed, I walked out with Mark… Now there is not a lot of hopping places in Bar Harbor at 9ish..so we headed back to the hotel and 1/2 way there we  found a pizza shop…. It was the best pizza and they kept fish separate from the other stuff!!!!!!

And as I look back..if they could not promise they did not mix fish with all their other foods… well it was better to be told that than to stop breathing there… Yeah I am sure Mark would rather look at this picture and remember us being asked to leave… than remember them removing my body from there..

After all these years though.I am still feeling a little embarrassed….Time to tuck those emotions back… stretch out the cob webs and move on… Life… unpredictable..but worth every darn minute of it. Love Mrs justa alias Cindy