I got this off of google images…. I am laughing because this is how it feels –the WAR between us and HIM!

man these guys are merciless….

They flit and flot ( made up word for the movement as they leave our house!)to and fro…like they have the world by the curly cues.

Well..today was squirrel versus us battle number 4……We bought 1 1/2 inch flashing—pre-bent in right angles..and lots of liquid nails…and went on a mission to seal the space between our concrete block foundation and the lip of the house… We waited till mid morning..as these guys go out to play all day…. Let’s hope they are just going to claim defeat and leave…

Our trials with trying to persuade the little son of a gun to go elsewhere in the world…

1)  We have put down squirrel repellent… ( this stuff stinks..and supposedly if you sprinkle it around the area they come in and out of..well they will go elsewhere… ( this did not work) ??Must not have a sense of smell????

2)  We tried “have- a –heart”… I think the little sucker got a buddy to hold the plate down..and snuck in—took out the container of peanut butter and walnuts..ate the stuff and than the turps left the container by the kitchen slider for a refill…

3) We tried “have –a heart”… and they left tracks around it..like they were looking back at the house saying..”Yeah….you got hope!”

4)  We ordered a made in America sonic thing-a ma jig….you just plug it in..it bounces noises that only rodents and insects can hear—supposed to sound like a jack hammer to them… we plugged it in..set it up in the crawl space under our house… the little bugger still coming and going…. must be deaf????

5) Flashing… our newest venture…. I hope the little furry pest climbed up the cinderblock wall—only to find the space is closed… OUT OF BUSINESS>>>> I am a little sore from scooting and crawling around the base of the house… but I hope it was worth it.

we still have some areas to spray great stuff in…..(Have ya used that stuff… Oh my goodness.. it is sticky..drippy… but once it does it’s thing—it does fill in gaps… )

So the areas too narrow for the flashing are gonna get great stuff…

I hope hope hope this seals the house…

it is so hard to believe this little critter is running my life right now!!

Oh I know….

in the Winter of 2010 I thought the little guy was kinda cute… rubbing his belly after he ate a ton of sunflower seeds….

But NOT SO MUCH any more

Fingers crossed this will work….

I want to have life with out Rocky the squirrel… that is not asking too much..is it??

Be careful out there..and take it from us… bird feeders attract pests!!. Ya stop the bird feeder.. the pest never leave!!!

Love mrs justa alias Cindy